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Fabio Petani Combines Art, Nature, Chemistry in Naples

O sciore cchiù felice (the happiest flower)  “The happiest flower is the one that is able to have a secure foundation, to receive joy and nourishment.” We paraphrase the Italian muralist Fabio Petani about the name of his new piece in Parco dei Murales in Naples. Fabio Petani. “O sciore cchiù felice”. Parco dei Murales. […]

BSA Film Friday: 07.21.17

1. Jessie + Katey Cover a House Completely in Massachusetts
2. Fabio Petani in Kiev, Ukraine
3. Ampparito in Walthamstow, North London
4. Chris Wunderlich in Portland: Painting with an overcast sky
5. The Future of Cities

Fabio Petani and the Golden Light in Kiev for Art United Us

The bright light of truth reveals things you may not have seen previously and Fabio Petani, the 30 year old Turin-based muralist is talking about it in Ukraine. The mural combines two elements often seen in his works – botanicals and geometric shapes. What is new is his use of bright colors by way of […]

Fabio Petani: Painting The Periodic Table, One Wall at a Time

113, 115, 117 and 118. Those numbers sounds like the weights of Miss Universe and her three runner ups. They are also the four newest additions to the Periodic Table of Elements announced in January. They are so new that only two of them have been tentatively given names – ununseptium and ununtrium. Fabio Petani. […]