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Evan Pricco Curates “What In The World” at Urban Nation in Berlin

“The graffiti and Street Art movements – they have all these tentacles and they can be non-linear.” A new exhibition in Berlin’s neighborhood of Schöneberg epitomizes one of the central schisms that has vibrated through Street Art and graffiti for years: the question of where to draw boundaries between these two scenes. Each may have […]

UN Convenes Scenes, Creates Its Own in Berlin. Artists in Action for Project/12 and More

Shepard, Findac, Stikki Peaches… and that’s before we even get into the UN exhibition space or the main museum space – both locations a combustible beehive of painting right now with perhaps twenty artists working at once. Lowrider for Urban Nation Project M/12 curated by Evan Prico/Juxtapoz. Berlin, May 18 2017. (photo © Jaime Rojo) […]

Largely Geometric : Altrove ’15 Delivers Abstract Murals to Catanzaro

Mural festivals are blanketing towns and cities with works that run the gamut from eye-poppingly stunning to banal and forgettable. The success of the mix is in the hands of organizers, and not surprisingly, there are many audiences to plan for. One strategy to set your festival apart from the teeming pack is to thematically […]

Bien Urbain 2013 Update

With a theme of “Recover the Streets” the Bien Urbain festival is not so much a Street Art festival as an experiment with public space and our interaction with it. It has been interesting to see how the current romance with Street Art is absorbed by a variety of constituencies during the last decade – […]

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