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Borås “No Limit” 2015: Graffiti Tags, Murals, Greco-Roman Antiquities

The Spanish Street Art duo Pichiavo brought the antiquities and modern day graffiti together last week on a soaring multi-story wall in Borås, Sweden. Ironically both are under attack at any given time these days – one by terrorists eager to erase and loot symbols of unholy civilization and the other by the municipal buffing […]

“No Limit” in Borås, Update 1 : Temporary, Anamorphic David Zinn

No Limits is in it’s second year in Borås, Sweden and the mural festival has been a success aside from two days of rain that displaced the travel plans of a number of the artists. Primarily a beautification project and less about hard-core street art culture, No Limits has the support of city and business […]