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BSA Film Friday: 06.16.17

Now screening :
1. PASSAGE / From Wall to Wall
2. Occupied in Bethlehem – from Fifth Wall TV
3. BYG //12 + 1 // Contorno Urbano // Barcelona
4. 2KM3 Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Contemporary Art Platform

“ONCE” Deconstructs and Reconstructs His Tag for 12 + 1 Project In Barcelona

Abstraction is something we spoke recently with French graffiti writer Jeroen Erosie about in Berlin, and here in Barcelona we find that ONCE is interested in deconstruction of the revered letter form as well. Even hardcore lovers of letters like to blow them up, explode them, inflate them, deflate them, stream line and distill them […]


A New Wall Translates a Rockers Lecturing Tirade to His Audience Aural. Visual. Two modes of exchange and experiencing the world that interest artist Laura Llaneli, the Grenada born painter of this months’ 12+1 project wall in in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona. Laura Llaneli. Our Actions Become The Policy. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” […]

Elisa Capdevila & Ivan Floro Paint “Carmencita” Tilted at 90 Degrees

The tea brand. The nightclub. The paella. The dancer known as the “Pearl of Seville.” Elisa Capdevila and Iván Floro at Kaligrafics. Contorno Urbano. 12 + 1 Project. May 2017, Barcelona. (photo © Fernando Alcalá Losa) Carmencita is a name synonymous with the florid, proud and fanciful folklore of Spain expressed through the image of […]

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