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Joan Cabrer. “Hot Pixel” Digitizes Life and Nature For Contorno Urbano. 12+1 Project

Painting on the street and the field of painting. The color field. Your field of reference. Joan Cabrer is pixelating the artificial and the natural, placing them on the same playing field. Joan Cabrer. “Hot Pixel”. Contorno Urbano. Project 12 + 1. l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. June 2018. (photo © Clara Antón) Winner of the Sotheby’s […]

“Wet Paint” : TayOne for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 says “Acabat de pintar”

Don’t lean against that! You’ll get paint on your shirt! Acabat de pintar. Tayone. “Wet Paint”. Contorno Urbano. Project 12 + 1. Sant Feliu, Barcelona. April 2018. (photo © Alex Miró) In an ironic repositioning of an otherwise purposeful phrase, artist TAYONE creates a large “Wet Paint” sign on the ever changing community mural project […]

SUE975 Paints In Memoriam for Treze At L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona graffiti artist Treze passed away from cancer at the age of 31 in January and many of his peers have done tribute pieces to him in the last couple of months, including Tenor, Z. Rock, Magg, Phen, Snok, Hurt, and Smot. SUE975. In Memoriam – TREZE – Fundación Contorno Urbano. 12 + 1 Project. […]

Irene Valiente at Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

VALIENTE CREATIONS launches the 12+1 project in Sant Feliu – Proyect 12+1, urban art in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain A teacher of drawing from Barcelona, Irene Valiente loves organic forms, especially those of an aquatic nature. So it makes sense that she dove right in to her mural for the 2018 premier of […]

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