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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.24.16

If you are a New Yorker feeling the burn it could be the Hasidim who lit fires every two blocks in parts of Brooklyn Friday to mark Passover (see our final image). The smoke and ash were staining sidewalks and wafting through neighborhoods until being washed away with the Purple Rain Friday night, or maybe […]

MURAL Festival in Montreal Stakes a Claim for Street Art North

The MURAL Festival in Montreal took over Saint-Laurent Boulevard over the weekend with the work of more than 25 local, national and international Street Artists working separately and in concert across large walls for this first ever event, and many have taken notice. Nevermind the gossip on the street about mayoral corruption and an ongoing rancorous […]

Montreal Has The Spotlight: MURAL Festival, Day 1

DAY 1 at #MuralFestival Starting today in Montreal is MURAL, a four day open-air market on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that turns into a Street Art party. Running June 13-16, the 2 km street will be clobbered by about 20 Street Artists during the day, and dancing and cavorting at night. BSA is proud to bring you […]

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