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Top 15 Videos On BSA Film Friday From 2018

It’s BSA Film Friday! Now we present the best of the year, according to you. We bring you new videos each week – about 240 of them this year. The beauty of the experience is that it can feel quite random and exhilarating – rather like the serendipity of finding new Street Art. You helped […]

Italian Street Artist in Navajo Nation: Gola Hundun Finds the Mountain

Today is #indigenouspeoplesday – but of course we talk about them more often than this. The Native American people of the Southwestern United States are called the Navajo, or the Diné. Italian spiritual-cosmologist-naturist Street Artist Gola Hundun spent three days walking in the desert here recently going to the Navajo National Monument and Monument Valley […]

Destroying Desert Water Bottles; Chip Thomas’ New Work in AJO, Arizona

“To raise the call of our faith traditions as an act of resistance against the cruelty and violence that dominate US policy and actions,” says Street Artist and social activist Chip Thomas (aka Jetsonorama) about this new project of wheat-pasting his photographs that feature jugs of water in the Arizona desert. Sorry. What? Yes, jugs […]

BSA Film Friday 04.06.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Chip Thomas AKA Jetsonorama new KQED mini-doc 2. Sinclair Says: Multiple Sources for Your News? No. 3. Studio Visit with Mark Dean Veca BSA Special Feature: Chip Thomas AKA Jetsonorama He has a hat, sunglasses, and […]

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