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Robbbb and Spidey Question Idealized Heroes in Beijing

A few new painted wheat-pastes in the urban rubble from Street Artist ROBBBB in Beijing, China today, including this thoughtful, reflective and paunchy Spiderman who may not be able to scale walls quite as readily as he has in the past. Robbbb. Beijing, China. October 2017. (photo © Robbbb) It almost looks like these superheroes […]

Louis Masai in Shanghai with a Red Panda Talking About Deforestation

New images today of a red panda painted by artist Louis Masai in Shanghai. The quilt piece covered animal rises from street level with an endangered bee nearby ready to stitch him together. The image is familiar to anyone familiar with Masai’s work of publicizing species who are endangered around the world. Louis Masai. Red […]

New ROBBBB Nude Figures Playing on Beijing Walls : Virtual & Candid

Beijing based Street Artist ROBBBB continues to bring people to the streets in his city by way of self portraits and art models. The immediacy of the selfie and photo apps has rather eclipsed the traditional methods of figurative presentation and the inclusion of cartoon characters tells you that ROBBBB is fully immersed in youth […]

Barlo Blossoms a Head in Shenzhen with “Jardin Orange” and CEET

We talked to the Italian painter Barlo back in June when he was upside down in his current hometown of Hong Kong and now we see he is in Shenzhen with Ceet and the newly created Jardin Orange Art Residency. Barlo.  Jardin Orange Art Residency. Shenzhen, China. October 2016. (Photo © Jesus Salazar) His two-story […]

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