Brooklyn Street Art

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BOO! Monstrous BSA Halloween Photo Essay

Happy Halloween to all you good boys and ghouls lurking behind heavy closed doors with frogs in your pockets and bats in your hair. Do you dare venture out this All Hallows Eve? What will you see tonight in the cold black air? “What beckoning ghost along the moonlight shade Invites my steps, and points [...]

Fun Friday 02.12.10

<<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > > FOR all you Valentines: Copulation Dancing MEETS Extreme Sports And AMAZING Art & Vector Insanity …MAJOR LAZER Directed by Eric Wareheim Edited and Animation by Zachary Johnson & Jeffery Max [...]

Fun Friday! 01.15.10: “Street Crush” on Video, Jerkville, Available Men, Greenscreen Grannies, Local Banking

“Street Crush” on Video Brooklyn Filmmaker Collective “Cinema Set Free” produced this great video about the celebration of Street Art in New York called “Street Crush”. Thank you Antonio, Lawrence, Melissa, and Demitri of “Cinema Set Free” for your talents. and AlphaBeta Art Space hosted a fun street art show with 43 street artists, [...]

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