Brooklyn Street Art

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Images of the Week 08-26-12

Once you’ve stumbled up and whizzed through the same streets in your neighborhood a hundred times it’s a great temptation to explore, especially in the summer. Jump off the gravel and wander along the stones and up the railroad bed and through the high grass and go single file on the dirt path, teetering astride […]

Fun Friday 07.13.12

  HERE’s  OUR TOP 13 LIST for Friday the 13th! 1. Dscreet is on “The Other Side Show” (London) 2. Neck Face is “Simply The Worst” Tonight in LA 3. Stormie Mills “Dark Lights” Friday (Perth, AU) 4. “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Low Brow Artique Grand Opening Saturday (Bushwick, BK) 5. MEGGS at White Walls […]

Woodward Gallery Presents: “Summer Selections” A Group Exhibition (Manhattan, NY)

Summer Selections Summer Selections July 12 – August 4, 2012 Featuring an array of legendary artists grouped with new masters Artists Include: Jean Michel Basquiat • Rick Begneaud • Susan Breen • Thomas Buildmore • Alexander Calder Celso • Deborah Claxton • Darkcloud • Paul Gauguin • Sybil Gibson • Richard Hambleton Curt Hoppe • […]

Welling Court: A New York Mural Block Party Like No Other

The community mural: A time honored urban tradition rooted in local flavors and tastes. Every major city and many small towns have them and most people who live near one of these colorful creations also have stories they can tell you about them. Apart from the graffiti scene or the Street Art scene, Allison and […]

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