Brooklyn Street Art

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Bill Posters and Valtònyc: ‘The Gag Law Made Me Do It’ / ‘Lay Mordaza Me Obliga’

‘The Gag Law made me do it!,” says Street Art activist and social commentator Bill Posters as he talks about his new kiosk takeovers in Placa Espanya, Barcelona. The large black and white photographs are of two free speech advocates arrested for offending ‘Ley Mordaza’ in Spain – a curious concoction of restrictions passed as […]

Scenes From a Spanish Restaurant : The Culinary Delicacies of DavidL

Barcelona Street Art may have been booted from many streets a few years ago during a period of commercial fueled gentrification but that organic scene sparked a generation of talents who continue to transform abandoned spots nevertheless. We continue to see fully executed pieces from this area of Spain that are highly imaginative and technically […]

Bifido, Don Quixote and Sheep on Cell Phones at GarGar Festival

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Cervantes inspired this new wheat-pasted scene by Italy’s Bifido at the Gar Gar Festival in Panelles, Spain. His new interpretation of a metaphor is drawn from the scene in chapter 8 where Don Quixote and his sidekick servant Sancho are riding their horses up the road and […]