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Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural

Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural

Chip Thomas Invoking Life Back Into a House for 2017 Joshua Treenial

Curators Kóan Jeff Baysa and Bernard Leibov selected about 15 artists and collaborators to create installations for the 2nd edition of the Joshua Treenial, which opened the first weekend of April and today we have one of the artists who showed his work, Street Artist Chip Thomas aka Jetsonorama. An initiative to educate about ecological […]

Jumping Salmon! Louis Masai is in Sacramento. “The Art Of Beeing” Tour

Sacramento is next on the list for Louis Masai and his “Art of Beeing” US Autumn 2016 tour. And something smells fishy. Louis Masai The Art Of Beeing. Coho Salmon. Endangered. Sacramento, California. October 2016. (photo © Louis Masai) “Lame Uncle” Joke, sorry. God, you kids are so critical! Go back to your phone! Wait, […]

Various & Gould: “Permanently Improvised” Temporarily in San Jose

It’s not a surprise that Various & Gould are mixing and matching bodies and faces in their new show – they’ve been doing it for years on the street. With heads and limbs and torsos prepared in advance, the German couple are just as surprised as you sometimes to see what bionic fluorescent steampunk-inflected portraits […]

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