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Zio Ziegler: Using Intuition on the Street and In the Studio

Zio Ziegler opens his new show tonight in Oakland, CA and today on BSA we give you a full immersion in the “Intuitivism” that he is tapping into and channeling at the moment, as well a sense of his commitment to discovery. Zio Ziegler. Oakland, CA. November 2014. (photo © Brock Brake) The prolific San [...]

“West Side is the Best Side”, Vogue & BAM In Oakland

Today we have the honor of photographer, author and lecturer Mr. James Prigoff sharing with BSA readers his images and observations about a new 8,000 square foot mural that went up in Oakland last month paying tribute to graffiti’s love of locomotives, Oakland’s history as a port town and ship builder, and a line out [...]

Niels Shoe Meulman Balancing “Unearthly” Paintings

Most viewers want to know, “How did he do that?” when looking at the medieval script arching and swerving through a splattering of stars or surrounding a black hole. Niels “Shoe” Meulman continues to take Calligraffiti into new realms that are more abstract and mystical, disconnecting the elements from their tissues and reconfiguring them. Niels [...]

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