Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

“F*ck Art” Opens Wide at Museum Of Sex (Not Safe for Work / School)

Be Sure to Ride the 14 Foot Long “F*ck Bike” “F*ck Art”, an undulating and adventurous group show by New York Street Artists opens its arms and legs to you at the Museum of Sex (MoSex) tomorrow and whether it’s the human powered penetrating bicycle or the glass bead encrusted dildo, it endeavors to satisfy. [...]

Fun Friday 12.10.10

1. Roman Klonek & Jim Avignon at Factory Fresh
2. ART to be Sold Off the Walls at “12×12″ – Mighty Tanaka
3. NEW VIDEO by Sten & Lex
4. Street Artist Cake: A Collection of Drawings at Brewer’s Mansion
5. Kid Zoom Pop-Up Saturday

Mighty Tanaka Presents “12 x 12″ A Group Show for The Holidays (Brooklyn, NY)

12 x 12 Come out and join us for this Holiday event!  Artwork to be sold directly off the walls! Pieces by both established and emerging artists alike!  Opening Reception, Friday, December 10th, 6pm – 9pm! Mighty Tanaka presents: 12×12 A Group Show for the Holidays The holidays’ are upon us once again and now [...]

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