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BSA Film Friday: 03.25.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Seve Garza Paints Homeless People in Austin 2. Stik: London Street Artist by Ben Hanratty 3. Chris Dyer’s Artventure: Florida Art Road Trip 4. Time Travel Subway Car BSA Special Feature: Seve Garza Paints Homeless […]

Faring Purth & Thievin’ Stephen Bed Stuy Collabo: “Cypress, Top Wrung”

The dynamics of collaborations between artists are often informative, even revelatory to the viewers as well as the artists. By deliberately casting your creative lot with that of another you are taking a bit of a risk, experimenting with your own conceptions, responding alongside and in tandem with the style and vision of your partner. Sometimes […]

Happy New Year 2016 from BSA

Our very best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year! Don’t these hubcaps look like stars in the sky? Feliz año nuevo 2016! Let’s have a great year together. (photo ©Jaime Rojo) Please follow and like us:

Swoon and 20,000 New Roof Tiles: “Braddock Tiles” Project Takes Off

We’re all about this project. Street Artist Swoon and many friends and volunteers are getting this huge community art project in full swing and it is more than just a feel-good project. This impacts people first-hand and builds something that can house a community. And you can support it right now. The Braddock Tiles project […]

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