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BSA Film Friday: 03.16.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1.”On the Road” With Street Artist Add Fuel 2. Wandelism in Berlin 3. Flamingo Cave with Rymd 4. SNIK / Amsterdam Street Art Museum BSA Special Feature: “On the Road” With Street Artist Add Fuel “I’ve started a […]

Subvertising: The Piracy Of Outdoor Advertising

“The constant imposition of advertising in front of our eyes is an oppressive, dictatorial and violent act,” posits the artist, activist, and author Hogre in this new collection of works and words called Subvertising : The Piracy of Outdoor Advertising. HOGRE. Subvertising: The Piracy Of Outdoor Advertising. Dog Section Press. London, 2017. It sounds rather […]

Dalek – Buff Monster: “Spaced Out” in Manhattan

Optically entertaining Street Artists Dalek and Buff Monster don’t typically work together and are known for uniquely different approaches although their new “Spaced Out” double-solo show at GR Gallery in NYC gives a new example of how artists can work together and compliment one another, if not integrate entirely. In this show of original artworks, […]

La Nau Bostik Dispatch: A Barcelona Cultural Haven Filled by Murals

Images today from La Nau Bostik, an artist run complex in Barcelona that aims to be sustainable, inspirational, and a breathing living cultural oasis. By most accounts, it succeeds wildly. Murals often accompany citizen-run cultural initiatives and art spaces like these, frequently to great effect. The spaces are raw and neglected and needs a sense […]

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