Brooklyn Street Art

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“Beautiful Times” hits Brooklyn, Beacon and Back to Colorado

The “Beautiful Times” tour by Amanda Marie and X-0 has brought them back to Denver Colorado where it began. We shared with you images and a semi-travelogue for their earlier installations along this summer tour in Denver and Philadelphia. In this final installment of their easy-going art-making project we find them in Brooklyn and the [...]

Shepard Fairey and the Future in New York’s Little Italy

Before the summer ends New York is still happily awash in myriad public festivals, concerts, street fairs, free Shakespeare in the park, stoop sales, fire hydrant fountains, rooftop parties and of course tourists who would like to scale a bridge. Last week our August dog days extended to welcome one of Street Art’s bigger names [...]

Faring Purth Repairs “Cookie”, Somber in St. Louis

Faring Purth just wrapped up another large mural piece in St. Louis and it was a rough ride to the finish. “Some idiot vandalized the latest work from new-to-St. Louis artist Faring Purth Thursday,” reported The Riverfront Times when the painting in progress was strewn with words common to boys in seventh grade. Faring Purth. [...]

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