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Kliptown & Soweto in South Africa: Falko, Rasty and Martha Cooper

Today we take you to Kliptown and Soweto in South Africa where we find artists Falko and Rasty collaborating and ethnographer/photographer Martha Cooper capturing the action of the painters, as well as the games and color of the streets. “Kliptown seems to be stuck in time,” say Pybus of the historic town that retains much [...]

Martin Whatson, David De La Mano, Pablo Herrero and E1000 at Memorie Urbane Festival 2014

Memorie Urbane Festival 2014 in Gaeta, Italy is in full swing. Begun principally as a way to promote tourism by David Rossillo, the mural festival is carefully curated to recognize the common history, traditions and the natural landscape of Gaeta and Terracina rather than simply promoting an international roster of Street Artists. Loosely translated as [...]

El Sol 25, an Original Mix Master and Street Collagist

Like spinning multiple vinyl platters at 78, 45, and 33 RPMs on old beige school library record players, this is a low-fi mixmaster whose visual style stands singularly, compelling and jarring. You have just bumped into a new El Sol 25 on the street. Digging through the reference bin of your art history and popular [...]

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