Brooklyn Street Art

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Satirizing the Corporate State with “Hygenic Dress League” in Madrid

Sorry, didn’t mean to drop a caterpillar in your Chablis darling, just wanted to make art that has meaning. In an era of rapid change, three-card monte, and staged misinformation, satire is one useful art form that can assist you to keep the facts in focus – blowing the PR fog from the room. It […]

Bifido and Nemo’s Collaboration

Remember that time you put Sriracha sauce on a stack of pancakes along with the maple syrup and butter? It may have been your wide latitude of acceptable outcomes in the pursuit of creativity or it could have been the hangover you were nursing – but it actually totally worked, right? Who knew? Bifido and Nemo’s […]

BSA Images Of The Week 05.31.15

So here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring A Visual Bliss, Amok Island, Banjo, BD White, Betty Page, Corografico, D7606, Daek, Deal9, El Sol 25, Likes, Maupal, Nepo, and QRST. Top image above >>> QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo) BD White trolls the selfie addicted sort. The subject on this image seems […]

DEITCH Masters, Coney Art Walls Part 2 : Coney With a Twist

Just because you are a spectator in Coney Island Shepard Fairey doesn’t want you to be a spectator at civic responsibility. His newly wheat-pasted Coney Art Wall is fashioned as a graphically designed advertisement skewering the excesses of mindless industrial development running unchecked and baked into a pleasingly twisted version of the once upwardly bound […]

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