Brooklyn Street Art

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Broken Crow Knock Out 4 New Murals for “The Bigger Picture” in St. Paul

Minneapolis based Street Artists John Grider and Mike Fitzsimmons, known together as Broken Crow, have just completed a jigsaw-style stencil installation at four locations along St. Paul’s central corridor that, when seamed together, create a 60-foot long stampede of wildlife charging along University Avenue. Using the trademark stencil illustration style they’ve employed on 126 murals […]

Mexico City : A New Surrealist Face for Street Art

Comic, surrealist, role-playing psychological explorations, with a tip of the hat to Breton, Carrington, and Lucha Libre, among others. Pixel Pancho (photo © XAM) Mexico City culture can be as varied and diverse as it is homogeneous, with a respect for tradition and, when it comes to artistic expression, a catalyst for exploration. André Breton […]

M-City Meets the Commercial Buff in Mexico City

Nobody expects to “run” forever. That’s the nature of Street Art and everything else. If your work is not gone over by another artist or buffed by a private or municipal roller, the rain and wind and sun will eventually erode your enthusiasm. That’s the nature of this ephemeral art. Graffiti writers and Street Art […]

Fun Friday 12.16.11

  1. Play a New Holiday Video Game from Chris Uphues – “Holiday Jingle Rocket” 2. “Rezolution”, a group show at Hive Gallery Tonight (Phoenix, AZ) 3. “Paranormal Hallucinations” at Pandemic (Brooklyn, Yo!) (Saturday) 4. David Choe and DVS1 for Nuart 11 (VIDEO) 5. “Images of the Year 2011” From Brooklyn Street Art (Video) 6. […]

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