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Adele Renault Takes Flight With a Message of “Feathers and Faces”

For many the shock of Silent Spring was not that the chemical industry had run roughshod over the rules and poisoned our water, air, and soil. For a large number of readers it was the fact that Rachel Carsen’s “fable for tomorrow” included a vision of the future that we didn’t want to imagine; our […]

Add Fuel Reimagines Azulejo in His First Monograph

Street Artist Add Fuel is exporting azulejo to the rest of the world. Slightly differently than they did in previous centuries. Add / Fuel – 1 – Monograph. Published by Diogo Machado. Portugal 2018. Via his own pop-culture interpretation of the interlocking curvilinear, geometric and graphic motifs, the Portuguese artist is firing new pieces daily […]

RUN: “Time Traveller Artist Man” Tells All With His Hands

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung Giacomo Bufarini AKA RUN Time Traveller Artist Man Unicorn Publishing Group. London. UK. 2016 The founder of analytical psychology would have looked at the hands of RUN and perhaps understood more about his lifelong psychological process than the […]

“Street Art / Today” features 50 of the Most Influential Street Artists

It’s nearly impossible to arrange the work of Street Artists into lists of “top” or “most popular” or “most influential”, but it happens all the time now particularly as the street art world morphs into a commercial and professional scene for some. But it’s a dodgy business when one tries to rank art and artists […]

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