Brooklyn Street Art

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“The Art Of Writing Your Name” Expands Potential for Both Art & Writing

Niels Shoe Meulman on the cover of The Art Of Writing Your Name by Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark. Publikat Verlags. Mainaschaff, Germany, 2017. “Writing”, as in the graffiti sense of the word, has become quite tastefully adventurous of late, as calligraffiti pushes and pulls it in height, dimension, finesse. Evolved from our first recorded […]

Low Brow Artique Presents: Bisco Smith “World Upside Down” (Brooklyn, NYC)

Bisco Smith Low Brow Artique is proud to host Bisco Smith’s solo exhibit, World Upside Down. Bisco Smith (aka Bisc1) is best known for his graffiti work on walls, as well as his audio and visual work within hip hop culture. World Upside Down is a collection of observations, commentary, and attempts to make sense […]