Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Images Of The Week: 11.01.15

A stunning panoply of events all at once this Halloween weekend in New York – The Mets are in the “World Series” playing here and everybody is a fan, the New York City Marathon is today (oldest participant is nearly 95), and everybody’s clocks get set back an hour. More than your average number of […]

Wall \Therapy : Street Art Final Shots From Rochester

Diagnosis One: America’s deflated rustbelt cities can expect a deteriorated dust bowl demeanor until bankruptcy, followed by tumbleweeds. Diagnosis Two: Street Art and graffiti are inextricably entwined with and contributing factors for broken windows, societal disarray, economic and moral decay of the aforementioned cities. Both are failed and need to be re-examined. Francey. Detail A. […]

Wall \ Therapy 2013 Friday Update 07.26.13

Skunk in the tunnel. ROA is back in Rochester. But he’s not alone – a number of new artists arrived mid week to get the aerosol festivities reinvigorated. Not that they were flagging. WALL\THERAPY has been up on a record number of walls all week – a rolling panoply of artists and organizers and volunteers […]

Wall\Therapy 2013 Wednesday Update 7.24.13

POWWWWW! Conor Harrington’s right hook is emblematic of the impact that the huge number of artists are having on Rochester right now for WALL\THERAPY. “It’s been a very well organized event and painting side by side with this line up of artists has been a blast,” says NYC graffiti veteran and globetrotter DAZE as he […]

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