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Bifido Photo-Mythology at “FART” Festival in Cerignola, Italy

FART Fatti Urbani is a two day festival (Oct 6&7) in the Municipality of Cerignola in the south of Italy (population 58,534)  that holds as its central hub an interest in Street Art and Urban Culture. In this context Street Art is primarily a reference to mural art, rather than the practice of unsanctioned art-making […]

Bifido Takes Off Mask in Bonito, Italy

The inner world of kids. Bifido. “Basil Hallward”. Collettivo Boca. Bonito, Italy. June 2018. (photo © Bifido) Bifido is frequently using his photography and wheatpastes to conjure a realistic vision of the plays and odysseys that children imagine, balancing as they do along the margins of reality and fantasy. In this new piece he just […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.03.18

The Bushwick Collective street party was so crowded with people and artists it felt like an open air gallery of sights and sounds. Don’t mess with BK yo when it comes to bringing it on. Roiling, boiling, thumping, bumping and yes, humping was happening in Bushwick. We even took a Street Art tour since there […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.25.18

Sharp tongued and defiant, that’s the way we like our young people, and Gen Z has a lot of loud mouthed articulate and savvy ones who are not going to be fooled out of gun control, if yesterdays marches in NYC and hundreds of cities are any indication. As Spring officially arrived in New York […]

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