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What’s New in Bushwick: A Quick Street Art Survey

As you may have heard, New York’s young artist community has been in a rather fast migration away from Manhattan for this entire century. And so has most of its Street Art. As the neighborhood of Bushwick assumes the role of new art nerve center (and hard charging, chatty hormone-infused bohemia), the Street Art that […]

Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullmann: A Night Wall in Williamsburg

You don’t often find a Street Artist doing an installation at night, unless it is followed by a siren.. Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullmann (photo © Jaime Rojo) You also don’t often find Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullman pirouetting and dancing with their shadows under blasting klieg lights, casting long shadows and painting a pointy Elizabethan […]

Images of the Week 05.20.12

The streets are alive again with all manner of styles from wheat-pastes to stencils, painting, murals, weaving, sticking, slapping, pop appropriation, comic parody, memorial outpouring, collectivism, mavericks, fantasy, pattern, geometry, photography, and yes, beef! Call it what you like, it looks like art is in the streets. So here’s our weekly interview with the street, […]

Swoon in Studio : A Warm Welcome on a Cold Night

A visit to Swoon’s studio is a full immersion into her passions; meditations on humanity, the process of collaboration, and sculptures you can inhabit.
In the rustic warm light of a triple height cavernous space that might have been a Town Hall a score of printed artworks on paper lay scattered across the wooden floor. Tiptoeing between the images to cross the formerly grand chamber, the familiar faces of children and adults who you’ve met on walls across the city look up. Together these figures, a de facto retrospective of Swoons’ last few years on the street in NYC, are burned into the retina of many a Street Art fan, and yet they lay here on this whitewashed wood-slatted floor without any ceremony at all.

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