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Street Art From Beijing and Robbbb

Street Artist Robbbb has some new neighbors posted in his city of Beijing, the three thousand year old Chinese capital metropolis of 20.6 million people. By wheat-pasting these still frame figures of unromanticized men, women, and children back onto the street where they travel, Robbbb calls attention to the every day person, and by doing […]

“NUART 2012″ International Street Art Catalysts in Norway

“By far the best exhibition we’ve yet created,” says Martyn Reed, organizer of the Nuart 2012 street art festival as it draws to a close in Stavanger, Norway.  What’s left after two weeks of painting, panel discussions, and parties stands on it own; The Art. On old factory buildings, bricked stairways, in labyrinthine tunnels, and […]

Street Art from ROBBBB in Dubai and Turkey

Workers around the world look amazingly similar, no matter the city. Street Artist Robbbb, who we last saw in Beijing, is introducing some of the people from that city to be a part of Dubai and two of Turkeys largest cities, Istanbul and Izmir. “This series of works from China are images of the most […]

ROBBBB : Street Art in Beijing

From time to time we like to spotlight an artist’s blog. In addition to having a page dedicated solely to Artists Links (hint hint look up) we also like to feature their blogs (if you are a Street Artist and don’t see yourself there, let us know and we’ll add you). Just wanted to let […]

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