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Artist 0907 Pays Tribute to Hongshen Jia in Beijing, China.

Wandering along a footpath under the elevated street in Beijing these days you are likely to find the same sort of graffiti tags, wildstyle burners and stenciled celebrities that you discover in so-called Western city graffiti/Street Art scenes. Of course the language and tags are likely in Chinese and the honored pop culture figures are […]

Robbbb and Spidey Question Idealized Heroes in Beijing

A few new painted wheat-pastes in the urban rubble from Street Artist ROBBBB in Beijing, China today, including this thoughtful, reflective and paunchy Spiderman who may not be able to scale walls quite as readily as he has in the past. Robbbb. Beijing, China. October 2017. (photo © Robbbb) It almost looks like these superheroes […]

New ROBBBB Nude Figures Playing on Beijing Walls : Virtual & Candid

Beijing based Street Artist ROBBBB continues to bring people to the streets in his city by way of self portraits and art models. The immediacy of the selfie and photo apps has rather eclipsed the traditional methods of figurative presentation and the inclusion of cartoon characters tells you that ROBBBB is fully immersed in youth […]

ROBBBB Displays His Body with “Selfie Forward” in Beijing

Filial piety (Xiao Jing) is one of the virtues of Confucian thought (孝): a love and respect for one’s parents and ancestors. In the West we talk of filial piety in the context of fraternal love, indeed all benevolent actions. Street Artist ROBBBB in Beijing is contemplating, as most of us do in our 20s, […]

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