Brooklyn Street Art

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Beau Stanton Opens Minds to the “Megacosm”

We stopped by the Brilliant Champions Gallery in Bushwick this week to see “Megacosm”, a solo show by Beau Stanton and found that he is cryptically transmitting brain signals across more frequencies than ever. Beau Stanton. “Celestial Floatsam” MEGACOSM. Brilliant Champions Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. (photo © Jaime Rojo) With Victorian ornamentation and quirky jerky animation, […]

Beau Stanton: A Vibrant Beacon Rises From the Ruins in Detroit

Artist Beau Stanton has a studio practice and a street practice, but most wouldn’t think of him as a Street Artist, per se. Classically trained in illustration and oil painting, his precise and hand-rendered style borrows from traditional, historical, nautical, and religious influences. Related from their original context, his appropriated icons, figures, and sense of […]

LoMan Part II: A Brain Tree, A Mutant Insect and “Make Your Own Luck”

The hits just keep on coming in Lower Manhattan (despite the closing of LIT Lounge) as Beau Stanton, Ludo, and ASVP finished their murals in a tie-breaker this week for the LoMan Arts Festival. Somewhere in the village there is a very large Os Gemeos wall going up as well and we’re thinking of having […]

LoMan Art Festival Launches Its First Blast in NYC

In a Street Art story rich with irony, Lower Manhattan has just hosted its first official mural festival. Space Invader (Photo © Jaime Rojo) It’s not that the island has been bereft of murals of late – the Los Muros Hablan festival in Harlem has been through a couple of iterations way uptown, Brooklyn has […]

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