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BSA Film Friday: 11.06.15

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Your Tour Through Dismaland with Butterfly and Lars Pederson 2. “The Wave”, Shepard Fairey in Jersey City 3. DIAN and his Bullshit Elephant in Brooklyn   BSA Special Feature: Butterfly & Lars Pederson Give a […]

Nuart Day 1: Isaac Cordal Installs His Preoccupied Little Businessmen

Tor (@toris64) picked us up at the airport using his hand-made faux-Banksy Nuart sign, wearing his fresh Dismaland t-shirt, and we immediately knew we were home here in Stavanger. Born and raised in this town Tor knows it’s every turn and twist and because he travels extensively for his regular profession, he also gets to […]

The Wonderfully Dismal Kingdom of Banksy

Banksy has ventured into the entertaining resort business. One that would possibly be your last resort. A scathing social and political critique of any number of targets that routinely come under the purview of this artist/curator/commentator/showman, this big tent brings everyone inside for a beating. Rampant capitalism, civic hypocrisy, the war industry, advertising deceit, an […]

A Brief Look at NY Art Fairs : Spring/Break & Scope

Did you have a chance to hit some of the shows during New York’s Amory Week? Part blessing and curse, New York has this pre-Spring ritual of organized galleries tucked into little booths in far-flung neo-convention center architectural spaces that offer an onslaught of fascinating new ideas and artists who inspire you and give you […]

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