Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Film Friday: 05.02.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Da Mental Vaporz and ‘The Wall’ 2. YZ – Lost in the City 3. NYCHOS: Pen and Paper 4. Stealing Banksy 5. E1000 x Pablo Herrero at Memorie Urbane 2014 BSA Special Feature: Da Mental Vaporz [...]

New High-Water Mark for Street Art at Fairs for Armory Week

This year represents a high-water mark for current Street Artists being represented at the New York fairs if what we have just seen over the last couple of days is any indication. For those who have been following the trajectory of the new kids we’ve been talking about for the last decade, the room is [...]

Images of The Week: 01.19.14

New York’s Street Art/graffiti/public/urban art scene is poppin’ baby – new shows, new spaces opening up or rumored to be, a new fleet of artists going out to the street doing sanctioned and unsanctioned work, and new debates about what it all means to the scene and who should rush to take credit for each [...]

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