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“AVATAR” of Ourselves by Karl Addison and Jarus in Atlanta

How much of you is here with me right now? Are you giving me 100% of you? 80%? 15? When we are texting and “liking” and “sharing” and posting we prefer to think that we are interacting with the world and our selected circles of friends through active and passive participation. Karl Addison . Jarus. […]

GAIA and #iftheygunnedmedown in Atlanta on MLK Jr. Day

As the U.S. reflects on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today we also acknowledge that his work, and our work, is not done. This past year has brought more people into the streets to demonstrate across America than in many years, and the signs and slogans can in many cases be interchanged […]

Atlanta Struggles With Legacy of Two Destroyed Murals and New Regulation

Last week on our BSA Film Friday feature we brought you the story of two murals in Atlanta that were destroyed by the community because certain elements of each offended them. The documentary “A Tale of Two Murals” by Public Broadcasting Atlanta and PBS, directed by Trevor Keller, faithfully followed the story that began in […]

GAIA : New Mural Work in Greenville, Atlanta, Detroit

The traveling Street Artist and historian / student / observer / critic of urban planning, anthropology, people’s movements who goes by the moniker GAIA shares with us today some of the back stories for recent  murals he has authored. When he posts on his Facebook page that he is looking for recommendations for reading about […]

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