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“Street Art In Sicilia” Tours You Through 31 Cities and 200 Artists

“Street Art In Sicilia” Tours You Through 31 Cities and 200 Artists

Jerkface: “Saturday Mornings” Deconstructed, Reconstructed, Repeated

“We all draw from memory,” says Futura 2000 in the introduction, “and default to past experiences, finding associations to the various cast of characters. In some cases the faces have been changed to protect the innocent.” Jerface “Saturday Morning”. Published by Over The Influence. December 2016 A direct link to his childhood and the televised […]

“The Art Of Writing Your Name” Expands Potential for Both Art & Writing

Niels Shoe Meulman on the cover of The Art Of Writing Your Name by Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark. Publikat Verlags. Mainaschaff, Germany, 2017. “Writing”, as in the graffiti sense of the word, has become quite tastefully adventurous of late, as calligraffiti pushes and pulls it in height, dimension, finesse. Evolved from our first recorded […]

Jeremy Fish and “Happily Ever After”

If you missed his show this month with Jonathan Levine, you can comfort yourself with a copy of his book Happily Ever After, which gets you promptly inside the head the storytelling Jeremy Fish. Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish. It’s unusual to see his work in New York (or in […]

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