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Destroying Desert Water Bottles; Chip Thomas’ New Work in AJO, Arizona

“To raise the call of our faith traditions as an act of resistance against the cruelty and violence that dominate US policy and actions,” says Street Artist and social activist Chip Thomas (aka Jetsonorama) about this new project of wheat-pasting his photographs that feature jugs of water in the Arizona desert. Sorry. What? Yes, jugs […]

A Jaguar in Phoenix: Louis Masai and “The Art Of Beeing”

“By the time I get to Phoenix, she’ll be rising…” Not that Louis Masai is on the run from his girl, but he is still making tracks fast on this US circuit like a sailor shipping from port to port. As it turns out he was only in Phoenix long enough to paint a jaguar. […]

Chip Thomas’ New Mural, Indigenous People, and #NoDAPL

Street Artist and activist Jetsonorama (Chip Thomas) saw his work pull together a number of people in Durango, Colorado on October 10th as the city and the college celebrated their first ever “Indigenous People’s Day”. His photograph of an indigenous youth named JC Morningstar swinging and kissing her dog was chosen by a group of […]

Raising Yellowcake in Grand Canyon: Icy & Sot, Jetsonorama in Arizona

Yellow Cake: A simple sweet dessert confection that gets its signature color from 8 egg yolks and a cup of butter, and is great with either vanilla or chocolate icing. Yellowcake: A type of uranium concentrate powder obtained from leach solutions, in an intermediate step in the processing of uranium ores. Also, its radioactive. Also, […]

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