Brooklyn Street Art

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A Roof With a View : Looking at Art Up Above

Climbing up on a roof during the sultry city summer can be liberating, and it turns out to be a prime place for painting too.  Away from the cacophony of the sweaty streets, the breeze up here is a little cooler and stronger and aside from the occasional potted tomato plant or sun-tanning waitress, you […]

Fun Friday 06.29.12

1. XCIA “Street Artist Unite” (NYC) 2. “Letters From America” at Black Rat (London) 3. Broken Fingaz in Vienna 4. “The Crest Hardware Art Show” 2012 Edition (Brooklyn) 5. Tumbleweeds in Brooklyn – A group Show from El Paso 6. Kid Acne Solo at C.A.V.E. (Los Angeles) 7. Pamela Castro AKA Anarkia Boladona @ Bob […]

Bob Bar Presents: Pamela Castro AKA Anarkia Boladona “The Myth” A Solo Exhibition (Manhattan, NYC)

Anarkia Boladona Inspired by the classic existentialist text The Second Sex (Le Deuxième Sexe) by French feminist scholar Simone de Beauvoir, Brazilian graffiti artist Anarkia Boladona’s exhibition The Myth interprets the various stereotypes mythologizing the female “other.” Focusing on the relationship between sexuality and gender, Boladona depicts recognizable religious figures (such as Eve), and then […]