Brooklyn Street Art

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Fun Friday 04.20.12

1. ROA at StolenSpace “Hypnagogia” (London) 2. Katowice Street Art Festival 4/20-29 (Poland) 3. LALA Gallery Inauguration Saturday (Los Angeles) 4. Herakut “Loving the Exiled” at 941 Geary (San Francisco) 5. Marsea Gives You the “High Five!” at New Image Art Saturday (LA) 6. Erica Il Cane  “Una Vita Violenta” at Fifty24MX Gallery (Mexico City) [...]

New Image Art Gallery Presents: “High Five!” A Group Show (Los Angeles, CA)

High Five! New Image Art is excited to present “High Five,” a group-show featuring six artists with six very distinctive styles and voices beloved by New Image Art. Alia Penner, Ashley Macomber, Curtis Kulig, Deanna Templeton, Maya Hayuk, and Vanessa Prager will be filling the gallery with new paintings on paper and canvas, as well [...]