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Aïda Gómez Choreographs Live “Stop” and “Go” in Portugal

Aïda Gómez is using urban space as her stage and her laboratory with her recently directed public performance in Porto, Portugal. A matter of daily city life and self-governance, our reliance upon the presumably reliable mechanized interchanging of the illuminated figure symbol is unquestioned. Here he/she is telling us to go and to stop; our […]

BSA Film Friday: 11.10.17

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. OLEK: Keep Going 2. Aïda Gómez: Ladies First 3. A Look at the Worlds First Museum of Urban Contemporary Art 4. MurOne // 12 + 1 Project 5. Obey Giant – The Documentary BSA Special Feature: […]

“Love Is Freedom” Locked: Valentines Day in Berlin

“A padlock on a bridge is considered as a proof of love in many cultures, but we all know that the key to a successful relationship is freedom,” says conceptual artist and Street Artist Aïda Gomez when talking about her simple text installation below. Just in time for Valentine’s day, a Berlin bridge gets this […]