Brooklyn Street Art

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Adam Void, Graffiti, a Decade, and 1000 Polaroids

“This is why we can’t have pretty things.” That’s the thought that runs through your head walking through your average punk rock squat, with all its scattered art installations (including on the ceiling), hand made concert posters, curious clumps of clothes on the floor, a cigarette butt smashed into a beer cap on the windowsill, [...]

BSA Film Friday: 03.21.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Miss Van in Wynwood, Miami 2. Cane Morto + Ema Jons 3. Virtuous Reality * Adam Void and Ryan Seslow 4. In Memory of Shawn Whisenant by Spencer Keeton Cunningham BSA Special Feature: Miss Van in [...]

“Vagrants” at The Tender Trap. A Group Show. (Brooklyn, NYC)

Vagrants Thursday, April 4th @ Tender Trap 245 South 1st St. Brooklyn, NY We are pleased to announce the first VAGRANT SPACE group show.”Vagrants” is a curated collection of work from each of our Vagrant Space artists. This collection highlights the contemporary outsider art that our gallery represents. Please join us on our pop gallery [...]

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