Brooklyn Street Art

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NUART 2014 x BSA Update 3

On this third day at NUART we’d like to bring you a bit of the good humored craze that’s happening right now as some of the artists are finding their spots. We also wanted to give a sense of the existing Street Art scene flavor – with individual ad hoc pieces in hidden little spots […]

“Done!” Murals from Rubin, Aakash, & Hellbent : Domino Walls Part II

“Done!” comes the text from Rubin, who is floating on his scissor lift six feet above the line of people down Kent Avenue that is cued along Aakash Nihalani’s new wall for the public opening of Kara Walker’s exhibit in the Domino factory warehouse. Swear to the Sugar Gods: Not 10 minutes later “Done” arrives […]

Hellbent, Rubin, and Aakash Nihalani In Progress on Domino Walls in BK

Williamsburg once ran heavy with renegade Street Art; names like Faile, Swoon, Bast, Shepard Fairey, Gaia, NohJColey, Judith Supine, Momo, Elbowtoe, Dain, DarkClouds, Matt Siren, Armsrock, Dennis McNett… well you get the point. Add about 40 more names and you can begin to re-construct the explosion that happened here mostly because industry had died and […]

Aakash Nihalani and “Vantage” in Rome

Remember when we had our big group show in 2009 called “Crush”? It was the first time Aakash Nihalani did a three-dimensional piece on a backing – instead of simply applying it to a wall – effectively doing his first free-standing gallery piece. The stylized pink tape and mirrored phallus went along with our street […]

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