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The Art Union Presents: “What The Weekend Is Gallery 2” Group Exhibition (Berlin, DE)

Posted on April 22, 2017

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Date(s) - 04/22/2017
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The Art Union Presents: "What The Weekend Is Gallery 2" Group Exhibition (Berlin, DE)


Read from the press release below:

“What the Weekend is Gallery”, curated by The Art Union
Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
Opening: Saturday April 22, 7 pm
Duration: April 23. – May 1, 2017


After its successful premiere in 2016, the exhibition format WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY will be presented for the second time. On the occasion of Berlin’s Gallery Weekend, 80 positions of Berlin-based artists who work in public spaces and show their work also in galleries will be shown on 600sqm. The title of the exhibition is a humorous reference to the Gallery Weekend in Berlin which takes place at the same time.


The primary objective of the exhibition is to provide a platform for the genre urban contemporary art, which is often perceived as flagship and touristical attraction of Berlin, on relevant industry-related events as the Gallery Weekend. Another objective is to share the diversity of the genre in one single exhibition. Thus, THE ART UNION intends to build a bridge between artists, the art industry and art lovers.


Reference to Berlin
-All participating artists live and work in Berlin and shape the image of the city.

Depiction of the artistic scene
– THE ART UNION aims to profile the current status of urban contemporary art in Berlin.

– The range of positions refer to the subgenres of urban contemporary art: graffiti, street art, adbusting and urban interventions.

– Emerging and established positions are presented coequally.

– The percentage of female positions is above average.

– Cultural diversity due to the countries of origin of the artists: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Morocco, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Syria, United Kingdom of Great Britain, and United States of America.

Young positions
– The majority of the artists were born after 1980.


Alte Münze is a historical mint where the coins of old currencies Reichsmark and GDR Mark and until 2006, the Euro coins were produced. It is situated in walking distance to Alexanderplatz in the center of Berlin. On the occasion of this group exhibition the vaults in the basement will be transformed with friendly assistance of Spreewerkstätten into an exhibition space. The content and the location of the exhibition correspond in a genuine way: urban art emerged as an underground movement what echoes now in the basement rooms. THE ART UNION aims to relocate the genre into the city-center where established art institutions are frequented by Berliners and tourists.


Alte Münze / Molkenmarkt 2 / 10179 Berlin


44 Flavours / Addison Karl / Alaniz / ALIAS / Andrea Wan / Anna Taut  / Anton Unai / Base 23 / Bene Rohlmann / Bert van Wijk / Billy / Björn Heyn / Boje Arndt Kiesiel / BRUCE / Christian Rothenhagen / Christoph Rode / Christopher Kieling / Daan Botlek / Danilo Schaffer / Danny Gretscher / Dave the Chimp / David Walker / Diskorobot / Duncan Passmore / DXTR / EMESS / Falk Land / Ghizlane Agzenai / Gogoplata / Helen Bur / IGIT / Innerfields / Jake Blaschka / James Reka / JAW / Jim Avignon / Johannes Mundinger / Julia Benz / Kenan / Kera / Kevin Lüdicke / Kid Cash / LOFK / Look / Ludwig Schult / Mario Mankey / Markus Butkereit / Matias Santa Maria / Memo Vithana / Merny Wernz / MINA / MKMX / Moritz Neuhoff / Nick Flatt / Nils Leimkühler / Otto Baum / Pablo Benzo / Paul Waak / PlusMinus 3 / Quintessenz / Rallito X / Rocco and his Brothers / ROZER / Rylsee / Sonice Development / Sokar Uno / Spray Jeffer / Tamim Sibai / Tavar Zawacki (ABOVE) / Thomas Marecki / TIKA / Maja Hürst / TWOONE / Various & Gould / Vermibus / Vesuv / Vidam / Viktor Treshkow / Wasp Elder / WESR / XOOOOX / ZEBU

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