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Swinton Gallery Presents: “PROABSTRACTION+” Group Exhibition. (Madrid, Spain)

Posted on September 14, 2018

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Date(s) - 09/14/2018
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Swinton Gallery Presents: "PROABSTRACTION+" Group Exhibition. (Madrid, Spain)

Read from the press release below:

PROABSTRACTION+ Group Show @ Swinton Gallery

Swinton Gallery presents PROABSTRACTION+, a group show by abstract artists who bring their creative and expressive processes from the walls and public spaces to the study, and back. The show includes installation, sculpture, painting and radical formats.



Dafne Tree

Duncan Passmore

Elbi Elem

Julia Benz


Martina Merlini




Curatorial Statement:

Abstraction process; Abstraction of the process; Process + Abstraction: Which is the place abstraction occupies today? As a canonical artistic practice, what happened since “Chaos No. 2” by Hilma Auf Klimt in 1906? PROBSTRACTION+ aims to take the pulse of this issue through the drifts, contaminations, influences and aesthetic assumptions of the work of 10 artists who have adopted this expression as their own and whose style identity is undoubtedly linked to the value of the process as inseparable part of the artist and his/her work.

In the beginning “it was calligraphy”. Along with the numbers, there is no other element in human culture that best exemplifies what a process of abstraction of the world supposes. Abstraction as a process of distancing, reduction and isolation that will evolve until producing an emancipation of the sign in which the letter no longer remits to any external comment, to anything that is not equal to itself, it will be only form, line, color and gesture. Every artist in this show paint from that emancipated stage of nature and it is undeniable that the shared origin in graphic design and typography has given them similar starting points and common foundations.

The transit from the gallery to the street or from the street to the gallery consist just to present different relational links between the exhibition space and the spectator, increasing or decreasing formal distances and creating variations of the dialogues and metamorphoses from a direct or mediated perspective.

Ricardo Recuero

Opening Reception:

Friday September 14th. 20.00 h.

Swinton Gallery

Miguel Servet, 21.

28012, Madrid.


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