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Stolen Space Gallery Present: SEEN and RISK “Misery Loves Company” (London, UK)

Posted on December 15, 2017

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Date(s) - 12/15/2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Read from the press release below:

StolenSpace is delighted to host two of the graffiti world’s most prolific contributors, SEEN
and RISK, as they make their long awaited return to the UK in the form of their latest
collaboration, ‘Misery Loves Company’.
With a combined career total of almost 80 years, SEEN and RISK are considered
grandmasters of graffiti, fundamental in shaping the medium as it is known today. Born and
based respectively in New York and Los Angeles, each possesses a distinct and pioneering
ambition that led their work to become integral to the cultural fabric of both cities.
Whether blasted on the side of a New York subway train, brightening the gray concrete
overpasses of LA, or even on the famed Hollywood sign, coming into contact with the work
of SEEN and RISK was almost an inevitability of city life in the seventies and eighties. It was
these dramatic feats that earned them the legendary status that they possess today.
Constantly striving to expand their practice, both artists originally made the transition from
the street to the gallery during the 1980s, where they were shown amongst the likes of Keith
Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The vivid dynamism of both artists work translated well
onto canvas, and without the time constraints that the streets had placed upon them, they
were able to amplify the unique qualities of their work. Since then, SEEN and RISK have
exhibited work across the globe and continue to prove the versatility of the spray can
through a constant evolution of medium and style.
Whether capturing the icon of the comic book superhero, or creating sophisticated layers
of lettering in the classic ‘Wildstyle’, the neon vibrancy that SEEN and RISK incorporate into
their work never ceases to seize the eye’s attention. Now, coming together for ‘Misery
Loves Company’, they celebrate not just their work and extraordinary careers, but also the
friendship they have developed over the past few decades.
“The Show is called Misery Loves company because it is something SEEN and Myself seem
to be saying to each other quite frequently. We have houses next to each other, both
under construction, and both dealing with building department issues stemming from us
doing things our own way – that seems like a common theme in our lives… every time one
of us has a bright idea we drag the other one into it and end up saying…”misery loves
This show encompasses our lives as so called celebrated artists, and the satisfaction we get
from dragging each other down the rabbit hole.” – RISK, 2017
‘Misery Loves Company’ opens at StolenSpace Gallery from December 15th to January
28th. Opening Reception takes place from 6 – 9pm on December 14th
17 Osborn Street
London, Brick Lane E1 6TD, United Kingdom


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