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Speerstra Gallery Present: Saype “Persistent Impermanence”. (Bursins, Switzerland)

Posted on November 10, 2018

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Date(s) - 11/10/2018
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Speerstra Gallery Present: Saype "Persistent Impermanence". (Bursins, Switzerland)

Read from the press release below:

La Speerstra Gallery Suisse présente l’artiste Français Saype, “Persistent Impermanence”.

dates : Novembre 10 – December 15, 2018
where : Speerstra Gallery – Switzerland
1 chemin des Cerisiers
1183 Bursins / Suisse

 vernissage : Saturday 10 November 2018
from 3 to 6 pm / artists reception.
The exhibition “Persistent Impermanence” will present a new series of works made with the artist’s favorite medium, plexiglas. His singular technique remains classic. The bottom is a canvas stretched on a frame, on which a plexiglass plate is placed and assembled. This superposition is unique by the work and inspirations of the artist. Saype makes us travel in Swiss landscapes through the misty vision of a window of a train or a bus station. In the background, sunrises over Lake Geneva, the mountains of Gruyère, the forest of Delémont. On the surface, the fogged windows of a train give a glimpse of the landscape through the drawings. Graffiti of course, but also drawings of children, the running of drops, zigzags to erase the steam and be able to take full advantage of these beautiful landscapes. His journey also makes us travel to Portugal via Paris and Provence. The superposition of the plans that merge in a perspective between impressionism and hyperrealism. The works invite us to take a time, a break, to let us go to a reflection, a look into the void. He wants to freeze this moment of life, and sublimate the precious moment. The title of the exhibition Persistent Impermanence explains the ambition of the artist. He proposes us a state of mind allowing to extend a fragment of instant in a prolonged consciousness. He wants us to get out of our imprisonment of space-time, the natural rhythm of our life. Saype wishes to slow down this race, to slow down this permanent mechanism of which we are the actors.

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