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Jonathan LeVine Projects present: Handiedan “The Fourth Dimension: Time” (Jersey City, NJ)

Posted on October 14, 2017

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Date(s) - 10/14/2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Jonathan LeVine Projects present: Handiedan "The Fourth Dimension: Time" (Jersey City, NJ)

Read from the press release below:


New artwork and prints
14 October – 11 November 2017
Opening reception: Saturday 14 October, 6-8 pm
Artist in attendance

Jonathan LeVine Projects
888 Newark Avenue, Suite 415
Jersey City, NJ 07306

The fourth dimension: Time’ is Handiedan’s most personal show to date and comprises a selection of new works sharing the artist’s complex experience of passing and evolving through time. Handiedan’s collaged bas-reliefs give visual form to the wonderings, memories, visions and unconscious associations stemming from it.

Deeply influenced by scientific and spiritual interests – from Quantum Physics, Cosmology and Numerology to Sacred Geometries, Metaphysics and Eastern Philosophies – her art embraces the various forms of vital energy endlessly permeating the universe and mirrors the eternal motion of life in its kaleidoscopic manifestations.

Recently Handiedan has focused on the Fourth dimension of spacetime as a privileged standpoint from where this perpetual and ever changing flow can be deeply perceived as a continuum.

With luscious liveliness their forms bend in and out the background to personify Handiedan’s investigation in femininity. They stand for the Lover and the Mother, embodying sexual freeing and tender love, strength and vulnerability.  At once mistresses and goddesses, these creatures are endowed with a symbolic power that can be traced down to the archetype of Mother Earth (or Mother Nature) in which all ancient cultures identified the natural course of the circle of life with its transitory stages of birth, change, decay and renewal.  Other recurrent images in the work refer to this: the skull, traditionally a visual reminder of death, and the butterfly, a living example of transformation and evolution.

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