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Gonzalo Borondo and Pubblica Present: “Cenere” (Torri in Sabina RI. Italy)

Posted on May 26, 2017

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Date(s) - 05/26/2017
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Gonzalo Borondo and Pubblica Present: "Cenere" (Torri in Sabina RI. Italy)

Read from the press release below:


in collaboration with the art residency PUBBLICA

 curated by Carlo Vignapiano & Elena Nicolini

is proud to present


  1. 05. 2017 – Preview on Invitation
    27. 05. 2017 – Experience “Cenere”

…I picked up ash from that residual matter with which the men are made, and in the ash I found the fragile sign of every life to comparison with the time. 

Because everything is ash; the life; the death; the man. 

The new project realized by Gonzalo Borondo is called CENERE. It’s situated inside PUBBLICA, a residence of art, and it is resulted by his meticulous dedication for almost two-years that the artist he is ventured in one of the most arduous and fruitful artistic translations.

This intimate project was born from the concrete necessity of the artist to compare himself through more complex and full of contents artistic practices, considering the flow of time as one of most interesting ally of art production. Gonzalo has taken a tortuous trip, full of obstacles, in which he has succeeded to express himself through the use of different languages of which he does carrier putting the painting – that it is always the principal form of art in his artistic memory – at disposal of others skills and competences of creation itself. He has invented a habitable space where art is inside every choices and where values and personal poetries are mixed in a choral constructive talent.

This project is an enormous responsibility of Borondo who shows us and admirable walk of life through art, remembering everyone, also to himself, how the creation even though is a divine competence, it is always aspiration and ambition of the man too.

  Experience #CENERE 27.05.2017

_Meeting Place: h 19.00 – Ex Dogana (parking area)
Via dello Scalo di San Lorenzo,10 (RM)

_Transportation by bus to: Str. Santuario Vescovio,68 – Torri in Sabina

_Round-trip : Departure h19:00 Arrival h23:30 (Ex Dogana)

The reservation is required

_Ticket Price : € 10

(Includes return trip ticket and welcome)

_Catalogue-Object Price : € 35

(Buying the Catalogue-Object the experience is free)



mobile ph. +39 349 763 45 23 Elena

Facebook event

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