Brooklyn Street Art

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New Museum Presents: Idea City (Manhattan, NYC)

Ideas City IDEAS CITY explores the future of cities around the globe with the belief that arts and culture are essential to the vitality of urban centers, making them better places to live, work, and play. Founded by the New Museum in 2011, IDEAS CITY is a major collaborative initiative between hundreds of arts, education, […]

Brooklyn Museum Presents: GO See Art in Brooklyn: A Community – Curated Open Studio Project (Brooklyn, NYC)

GO BROOKLYN-BASED ARTISTS OPEN THEIR STUDIOS TO THE COMMUNITY SEPT 8-9 FOR “GO See Art In Brooklyn,” sponsored by Brooklyn Museum Vote for Your Favorite Artist & Two or More Artists will be included in BROOKLYN MUSEUM Exhibition Put on your walking shoes and come visit the studios of Brooklyn’s vast array of artists over […]

Barry McGee Mid-Career Retrospective at Berkeley Art Museum

“Barry McGee” Opens at UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive After witnessing Mr. McGee working on his vast installation of the “Street Market” last year for the LA MoCA “Arts in the Streets” exhibit, we can imagine him working steadily and quietly, half meander and half engineer, on this retrospective of his prolific […]

Os Gêmeos and “The Giant of Boston”

The twins have left Boston, but not before they opened their first solo museum show in the U.S. and left behind a handful of public installations that have garnered major attention as people once again grapple with the concept of art in the streets. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have done large installations in large cities […]

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