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Fifty24MX Art Gallery Presents: Erica il Cane “Una Vita Violenta” (Mexico City, MX)

Ericailcane Erica il Cane and Hitnes in Tepito, Mexico City (Image courtesy of the gallery) Erica il Cane and Hitnes in Tepito, Mexico City (Image courtesy of the gallery) Please follow and like us:

Anonymus Gallery Presents: Maya Hayuk “Apocabliss” (Mexico City, MX)

Apocabliss MAYA HAYUK obsesses with symmetry and nourishing color played out in what might be viewed from a kaleidoscope, an aura, or visual mantra. Embracing sexuality and spirituality via symbolism evocative of radiantly woven geometries and parted orifices of the body, her work tries to decode a process towards continuity and wholeness while striking chords […]

Mexico City : A New Surrealist Face for Street Art

Comic, surrealist, role-playing psychological explorations, with a tip of the hat to Breton, Carrington, and Lucha Libre, among others. Pixel Pancho (photo © XAM) Mexico City culture can be as varied and diverse as it is homogeneous, with a respect for tradition and, when it comes to artistic expression, a catalyst for exploration. André Breton […]

Anonymous Gallery Presents: “Casa de Empeño” A Group Show (Mexico City, MX)

Casa de Empeño Casa de Empeño February 2 – March 31 Opening reception: February 9, 8 – 10 pm ———— Casa de Empeño is a group exhibition based conceptually on the function a pawnshop and serves to re-examine current systems of economy, currency and exchange. This April 9 in Mexico City Anonymous Gallery is opening […]

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