Brooklyn Street Art

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Liqen Converts a Crashed Plane into a Fish Tail on Oaxacan Beach

“Lou: It’s the American Dream in a goddamn gym bag! Hank: You work for the American Dream. You don’t steal it. Lou : Then this is even better. “ In the book “A Simple Plan”, by Scott Smith, a trio of friends discovers a small crashed plane with $4.4 million stuffed in a gym bag […]

Oaxacan Street Art Collective Lapiztola : New Print With Curbs & Stoops

Qaxacan Street Artists created their name Lapiztola by forging a fabulous play on words – the Spanish word for Pistol (pistola) and the Spanish word for pencil (lapiz). Combined, the name Lapiztola is a hot spicy name well suited for shooting graphic elements rat-a-tat-tat into the Street Art scene in a Mexican city that is beginning to feel under siege.
“Our style emerged from the need to express and demonstrate against what has been happening in our city.”

Interview With Pedro Alonzo, Street Art and Gen Net go to the Museum

As art institutions gear themselves continually to remain (or become) relevant to Gen Net patrons, all manner of incarnations will likely continue to parade before you. Yes, Picasso still draws a crowd but in the last decade, as Boomers began retiring and their media-drenched progeny grew more distracted by one million apps of eye candy, […]