Brooklyn Street Art

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Blue Abstraction from Doug Fogelson in Chicago

The new Street Art Abstraction we’ve been talking about continues apace in the public sphere, perhaps buffeted by current shows like MoMA’s Inventing Abstraction and the 100th anniversary of the earth shaking Armory Show that turned modern art on its head. Not quite as earth shaking, but still a marker on the path in the urban […]

Specter Under a Bridge in Chicago

Street Artist Specter stuffed himself with Turkey and hit up a wall under a bridge in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago last week to help Pawn Works with their ongoing project. You would think these guys would take a break for the holiday, but at least the weather was cold and bleak and depressing, so […]

MOMO Paints New Mural in Chicago

Still on his global 2012 painting tour the maximal minimalist MOMO was in Chicago over the last week with Seth and Nick from Pawn Works Gallery to paint a large mural under mostly grey skies while the crippling Superstorm named Sandy jacked a third of the country. “Chicago was great,” MOMO tells us, not just […]

The HotBox Mobile Gallery Presents: “The Good Guys” A Group Exhibition. (Chicago, Illinois)

The Hot Box  This Saturday the HOTBOX Mobile gallery is opening a new show featuring local chicago street artists. “The GOOD GUYS” celebrates the good guys who wear masks – a group show with some of the most notable street artists from Chicago.  Left Handed Wave, Brooks Golden, Clam Nation, Don’t Fret, Espir, Nudnik, and […]

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