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Mad One and Cartel Coffee Lab Present: “Sticker Phiends”. (Tempe, Arizona)

Sticker Phiends Presented by: Mike “Mad One” Neely II Location: The Cartel Lab 225 W. University Dr. Tempe,AZ. 85281 Date: October 13th 2012 Time: 8pm-12 Artists: BigFoot1 Bisk Codak Cope 2 Chris/RWK CopyRight Dain DumperFoo Evoker 1 Hmph/Kento Jaber London Police Mad One Mr. Brainwash Nate Luna Peeta Pez Phresha Seizer Sike’ Slick/Dissizit Shepard Fairey/Obey Voxx Romana […]

ROA in The Navajo Nation Desert with Sleeping Enemies

Don’t be fooled by a coyote playing “dead”. He’s not really playing. They say that rabbits comprise about 1/3 of a coyotes’ annual diet, and yet one of them is right here sitting by the door on this desert plain, so unimpressed is he with the fast moving varmits.  ROA has just painted the long […]

JB Snyder Does His Stained Glass in the Desert

Phoenix muralist JB Snyder is known locally for his color-rich abstract grids on sides or facades, as well as canvasses, often compared to stained glass. So it was a holy moment when he stopped by to see Jetsonorama with a few cans of aerosol to participate in his “Painted Desert” project. JB Snyder (photo © […]

The Painted Desert, Part II

The sheltering sky is huge in Navajo country, and city slicker Street Artists have room to expand their minds and their imaginations when they get out to see the landscape dotted by occasional man-made structures. Jetsonorama and Yote invited a handful of them to come out and meet some local artists and the folks who […]

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