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DAZE: “Daily Commute”, Solo in NYC

Most people commute to and from work. Some spend hours caught in rush hour traffic, trapped in their cars. Others use their bikes or skateboards or a bobbing, roaring ferry. Some lucky ones just walk. In New York City most commuters use the subway and the buses to get to their offices, kitchens, stores, classrooms, […]

BSA Images Of The Week:02.18.18

Welcome to Images of the Week! Great stuff this week from Portugal, Spain and good old NYC to flip your Aunt Betty’s wig. The big news this week of course was that the 5 Points graffiti compound case was awarded to the 21 plaintiffs. But its not just local: it may have national implications when […]

Thoughts and Prayers; Writing on the Walls of Social Media

The messages on public walls today seamlessly extend to the discourse on your Facebook wall and Instagram post, in addition to the walls on the street. In all cases it looks like the writing is on the wall regarding the US public’s attitude toward mounting gun massacres and firearm regulation and how it is evolving. […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.16.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “The Clown” Harmen De Hoop 2. Artist’s Artist: The Process of Gary Lichtenstein 3. FinDAC: “The Wild Rose” 4. Ultra Wide by Good Guy Boris BSA Special Feature: “The Clown” Harmen De Hoop Harmen De Hoop […]

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