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A Peek At Gola Hundun: 7.6 Billion & Still Growing

Italian Street Artist and fine artist Gola Hundun begins the conversation with the raw statistic of how many humans are living on the earth and takes you on a visual journey from there. His alarm at the developments of industry and extraction and destruction are here, certainly, as is his call for our dedication to […]

Unusual Art Installations in Toulouse Refugee Camp: “Creve Hivernale II”

“Over the period of two months all the artists intervened on the site illegally and wanted to live in the same conditions as the refugee families,” says artist and journalist Sandra Butterfly as she explains these newly released and exclusive images of artworks and installations created in a refugee camp in Toulouse, France. Dangerous barbed […]

Resurrecting the Ghost of The Mexican Grizzly Bear: NeverCrew In Phoenix

BSA is pleased that we were able to help bring NeverCrew to the US along with FatCap to realize this huge Mexican Grizzly on a celebrated wall in Arizona. “El Oso Plateado and the Machine” is the latest project of Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni here in Phoenix on the side of the historic Heard […]

BSA Images Of The Week 02.25.18 / Stockholm Special

For about seven years (2007-14) the city of Stockholm practiced a so-called “zero tolerance” policy against graffiti and Street Art, following the exalted/derided ‘broken windows’ theory (Wilson and Kelling, 1982). As recently as 2011 the touring national theatre company named Riksteartern ran into serious trouble with city leaders when promoting an international Street Art convention […]

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