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Julieta XLF & Bifido Emancipate “Le Baccanti” in Requena

The  Street Art duo of Julieta XLF and Bifido continues to produce works that blend together their strongest individual talents with elements of photorealism and decorative painting organically combined. This time we are in Requena, Spain and looking at the reflection of a girl looking at herself as a free woman, say the artists. “Le […]

Converting Gold From Our Waste: “Bordalo II / 2011 – 2017”

Bordalo II 2011 – 2017. Editor & Publisher Bordalo II. In conjunction with ATTERO and exhibition by Bordalo II held in Lisbon. November, 2017. Lisbon, Portugal. Are those Ai Weiwei bicycles clustered and suspended in the air overhead? Rather they are stored here like a 3 layer spoke, wheel, and frame cake, pressed to the […]

Vlady Art Spreads A Poem Across Stockholm : “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”

When you live in a city your everyday interaction with the built environment may make one feel quite divorced from nature. Thanks to the parks and trees and the changing of the seasons, however, you can be poignantly reminded of the passage of time and a touch upon a somewhat grounded awareness of life’s cycles. […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.28.18

Stumbling and slipping and dancing through January here in New York requires dexterity and a tolerance for dry skin and flattened hat-hair and the occasional sore throat.  Thankfully there are great indoor activities sometimes like the huge trippy balloon installations by suave art dynamo Jihan Zencirli at her opening exhibition inside the NYC Ballet atrium […]

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