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Tic Tac No: Leon Keer and Team at Venice Chalk Festival in Florida

TIC TAC NO Anamorphic Street Art has been a parallel universe to the illegal Street Art scene for years, and Dutch pop-surrealist Leon Keer is one of the most ingenious on the scene and well travelled; having been to Europe, The United States, The United Arabic Emirates, Australia and several Asian countries with his work. […]

Castellers, Correfocs, and Stencil Art in Barcelona Streets

We always say that Street Art reflects us back to ourselves and during a recent trip to the streets of Barcelona we found some great examples of regional traditions that build community and celebrate culture, even strengthen it. Of course we also found some great stencil art that we hope you’ll enjoy. Ceaser Baetulo. Barcelona, […]

Nafir & FRZ in Milan: Mandalas to Stop War

Nafir (left) “Flight of Eslimi” and FRz (right) “Fa Kingz” recent collaboration in Milan, Italy. (Photo © Andrea Fortis) Two new street mandalas here in Milan, Italy from two Street Artists from Iran, Nafir and FRZ. Not surprisingly, the theme is peace, something that feels very endangered in certain parts of the world due to […]

Canemorto X Studio Cromie Salute this “Golden Age” in Famed Grottaglie

“Angelo, you’ve brought many oafs here,” says his mom at the dinner table, “but these guys… ” “They really look like rabid dogs,” remarks his father. Yo Daddy, you’re closer to the truth than you may realize. Canemorto rapping through the winding streets of Grottaglie, Italy in Golden Age. Everyone’s favorite Italian trio of graffiti-writing, […]

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