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YZ Yseult “Empress” Brings More Strong Female Images to the Street

Posted on October 9, 2017

It’s good to see YZ Seult continuing her portraiture of women of African heritage and to see such strong female warrior images being put out on the street for the “Graffeterie Festival” in Uzerche, France.

Currently living on the Ivory Coast in West Africa, she calls the series “Empress”, presumably from her ongoing studies of African history. YZ says she is exploring the cultural wealth of communities and in particular, she is examining how ornamentation in costume and on the body of women is used to indicate ethnicity and social station through the manner of embellishment.

YZ Yseult “Empress”. (photo © courtesy of YZ Yseult)

The new works are first projected, outlined and then blended and built with brushwork. Additionally she is incorporating found tools, implement, wood, and custom shaped materials to add a lot of dimension – giving the new works a stunning weight psychologically. “I will be continuing this project using local material and collaborating with women,” she tells us.

YZ Yseult “Empress”. (photo © courtesy of YZ Yseult)

YZ Yseult “Empress”. (photo © courtesy of YZ Yseult)

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