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“All Rise”, an Open Plea to Help Puerto Rico from Lee Quinones

“Heart in a Hurricane” 2009, by Lee Quinones. Image © Lee Quinones As a response to the humanitarian crises that is unfolding right now in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, many New Yorkers are calling out for help to city, state, and federal agencies as well as their fellow citizens to help the people in […]

1st Mural By the Blind & Sighted in Brooklyn: Rubin415 & John Bramblitt for “World Sight Day”

Brooklyn’s always breaking records – and today it can boast having the first mural collaboration between a Street Artist and a blind artist. Rubin415 and John Bramblitt have just combined their two uniquely different styles on a Bushwick wall to blast away misconceptions about art, blind artists, and the inevitability of people becoming blind. John […]

BSA Film Friday: 09.29.17 NUART 2017 Special

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Nuart 2017 – Re-Cap Fifth Wall TV 2. Carrie Richardt. Nuart 2017. Fifth Wall TV 3. ±MAISMENOS± Nuart 2017. Fifth Wall TV 4. Bahia Shehab. Nuart 2017. Fifth Wall TV BSA Special Feature: 4 Films from Nuart […]

Lakwena: “Lifting Us Higher” and #kindcomments At The Houston/Bowery Wall

Despite the impression you may have from exploding, car-chasing action movies, New York can actually be a very kind place. Yes, New Yorkers can be abrupt, opinionated, and unvarnished in their assessment of anything from the Mets to Trump – but if you need a hand or directions to Rockefeller Center, we got your back. […]

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